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Ericsson AXE-810, BSP8100

1/BYB501180, BFM1071058/01 R2B,  Cabinet for NSP 6.1 ; 1/BFD538001/1 R2B Subrack, BFD538002/1 R3B, EGEM2 Subrack+Backplane ; ROJ208386/2 R2C, SCXB2 ; ROJ208821/3 R4B, GEP3-24GB ; ROJ208844/3 R4B, GEP3-HD600 ; ROJ1192189/1 R2B, STRAB ; BFB14013/1 R11B, FAN Unit ; SXK1098828/1 R1A, AIR FILTER

AXE-810 1

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OptiX OSN7500

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OptiX OSN8800 T32

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03030ULA, TNF2OBU01

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TNW1HUNS307, 03055379 – 34060875, 40G-80km-1550nm-SM-CFP

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CX600-X2-M8, CX600 Series

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03053947, WD22UMPTa1, 03057389 WD23UMPTb3

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KDU137925/41 R5A, Baseband 5212

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Baseband 6630


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